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Unfortunately, the regulations that apply to railroad disability annuities are needlessly complex and confusing. We’ll assess your situation, establish your eligibility, and help you understand the process. Our attorneys will always go the extra mile to help you get back on track and receive the benefits you and your family deserve. Do not give up just because other attorneys have told you “No” or because Social Security told you your claim is not valid. Our team Disability Attorney Tucson often works with clients who have already been denied representation by other advocates, have received Social Security denials, and even appealed and won many cases other advocates gave up on or lost. Our Client’s come to us because we aren’t afraid of complex litigation, we care enough to get it right, we think outside the box, and we do not just go through the motions. We work on contingency, so you will not pay us any attorney fees unless we win your case.
Each disability claim is different and involves unique facts, circumstances and considerations that can impact the results of the claim investigation and/or subsequent lawsuits. Anyone reading the content of this website should not act on any information contained herein without seeking professional counsel from an attorney.

While employees of any age may apply for benefits, you must show that your medical condition qualifies you for benefits. If you have insufficient evidence of your disability, you are unlikely to be approved. We provide a variety of legal services to people with disabilities and/or disability-related problems. We focus primarily on those cases in which individuals have nowhere else to go for legal support. If you live in the greater Tucson area and want to file a Social Security disability claim, the process can be quite intimidating.
Some lawyers prefer to use the term “supplemental benefits” rather than “special needs.” Occasionally the term “supplemental needs” is used. All are interchangeable, and describe the purpose of the trust rather than being a limited legal term. So, until then, if you feel like your Social Security benefits are being held for ransom, give us a call. Our experienced social security attorneys know what is required to file a Social Security benefit claim for first-time applicants and also for those who need to file an appeal after a denial. Thousands of Arizona’s disabled population is denied help because the costs associated with obtaining medical records for their Social Security benefits application is out of control. Many cannot afford such outrageous fees medical providers require for a copy of their records.

If you can prove that you have stopped using drugs and alcohol, you may have a better chance of recovering benefits. One of the things claims examiners look at is if you have been receiving treatment and attending regular follow up appointments with your doctor. If you have not been actively seeking treatment and trying to improve your condition, the SSA may be more likely to deny benefits. If your disability is expected to last less than one year or not expected to lead to your death, then you may not qualify for Social Security Disability.
Casey knows the law and how to maneuver through the sometimes difficult VA Compensation procedure. I highly recommend Casey Walker of the VA Disability Group, a lawyer who goes the distance. American Disability Law, formerly known as the Law Offices of Stephanie Lake, specializes in Social Security disability cases in Arizona, California, and around the US.
Subscribe to our newsletter to receive updates, news and important announcements regarding disability law related topics. We provide information, outreach and training on legal rights and self-advocacy, represent individuals in negotiations, administrative proceedings and court, and investigate abuse and neglect. The ACDL offers self-advocacy guides and presentations covering disability- related legal issues free of charge. We can assist Veterans with their disability needs and understand the unique challenges and issues faced as a result of service.

The firm was among the Top Listed Law Firms of 2019 by the Best Lawyers in America. The Dee-Dee Samet PC law firm is located in Tucson, Arizona.
At present, I am focused on helping those persons with neurological and orthopedic disorders. Because claims for people over age fifty bring additional complications, I particularly seek out those cases to work on. I regularly write about back and spine conditions on my blog. I actively seek out the latest information about orthopedic and neurological disorders to ensure I can represent my clients as effectively as possible. Because of my current focus, I regret that I am not able to take any cases of mental disorders.

Whether an attorney wants you to pay costs will be included in your written fee agreement. If you have questions about your fee agreement, you should talk to your lawyer. An attorney must submit a written fee agreement to Social Security before Social Security issues a favorable decision on the claim.
No matter what your legal issue may be, it is always best to seek legal help early in the process. An attorney can help secure what is likely to be the best possible outcome for your situation and avoid both unnecessary complications or errors.
In Arizona, a portion of the military spouse's retired pay will be considered community property, and the non-military spouse will be entitled to one-half of the community's portion. The portion will generally be based on the number of years of marriage during which the retired pay was earned, divided by the total years of service. Regular active duty members of the military service qualify for a monthly pension after 20 years of service regardless of age.

There are strict rules that must be followed, which means that one small mistake can set your disability claim back for weeks, months, or even longer if you do not know what to do. That’s why having a disability advocate or expert by your side can help smooth out the process and get your claim approved faster with fewer instances of rejection. If your Veteran Disability or Social Security Disability benefits claim has been denied, contact Menard Disability Law today and schedule a consultation. At Snow, Carpio and Weekley, PLC, we don’t identify you by your injury or your claim.
My father was a disabled veteran who worked hard his entire life only to face unfair obstacles in seeking disability benefits. My mother was also disabled and fought to receive disability benefits for many years. Indemnify the veteran's spouse or former spouse for any prejudgment or post judgment waiver or reduction in military retired or retainer pay related to receipt of the disability benefits. Prior to July of 2014, there was a lot of confusion as to whether or not a former or current, but divorcing spouse could be compensated for any portion of the service members disability pay. The retirement system is managed by the Department of Veterans Affairs .

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